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5.0 Star google rated

About Last Minute Bouncy Castles

We’re Last Minute Bouncy Castles, an inflatable hire company obsessed with delivering customers a seamless 5* service from start to finish.

We have a selection of inflatables, such as bouncy castles, playzones, race tracks, and even Didi cars. Our wealth of experience means we guarantee your experience is smooth from the moment you book to the moment we collect the equipment when the event ends.

How It All Started

It all began in 2019 after an unfortunate personal experience with an inflatable hire company. We decided to hire a Bouncy castle for a birthday party. Before we booked a venue, the first step was to find a hire company that delivered to our area. In order to find a company, we searched on Google. As a result, there was a list of companies to choose from. After that, we picked the top company with 5-star Google reviews, which we read. Once satisfied with the reviews, we went onto their great website and began searching for their products for hire.

Once we found the perfect bouncy castle, we contacted the company to make our booking. The company confirmed our booking, which meant we could also commit to hiring a venue and began organising the party.

So far, everyone in the family was excited. Especially the children, as the big day was just around the corner. The children even started to ask, ‘Is the party today?’.

The day had come, and we all arrived early to set up at the venue, not to mention that we were expecting the bouncy castle company to arrive at the agreed time. I received a text message, ‘I’m sorry we can’t make it because my van broke down.’ Stunned in shock with the feeling of being lied to, I offered to meet the gentleman in my van, but they said no. At this point, guests began to arrive with their children, to find no bouncy castle.

The party was due to start in an hour from this point, so letting the children down was not an option. We contacted all the local hire companies but found they could not assist at such short notice. We had one last resort: to buy a bouncy castle for the party.

Surprisingly, we located a bouncy castle for sale close to the venue and went to collect it, bring it back and set it up. Subsequently, we saved the party, and the kids had a great time, but what a terrible experience.

This bad experience left me thinking, ‘How many other people have been let down by bouncy castle companies at the very last minute?’ Based on this, Last Minute Bouncy Castles was established.

Our Vision

The goal was to set up a company that could assist customers who’d been let down at the last minute.  Our first-ever booking was from a customer let down by an inflatable hire company on the morning of her event. Since then, we’ve thrived on having the ability to help many more customers who needed to hire an inflatable on the same day. The buzz we get from seeing an event carry on as planned just when everyone thought it was over is a feeling like no other, especially when we see the children waiting for the all-clear to use the equipment.

Last minute bookings are our speciality as is being reliable and trustworthy. We also take bookings in advance.

That’s why it’s our goal to be the best inflatable hire company in Hertfordshire and North London.

We measure “best” by six specific metrics tied to:

1. Reputation (measured by reviews)

2. Transparency (No hidden fees)

3. Communication (Always contactable)

4. Punctual (Always on time for delivery and collection)

5. Equipment standards (Clean – meet British standards – Pipa tested)

6. Professional 

After each booking, we clean our equipment and store it for the next booking, whether last minute or in advance.

The most important and core Goal is our customers’ satisfaction. As a result, the ONLY way to reach our Goal is to keep doing what we do best: delivering the fun to you.

If you are looking for a reliable bouncy castle hire company, you have come to the right place.