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About Last Minute Bouncy Castles 

Last Minute Bouncy Castles was formed after an unfortunate personal experience with an inflatable hire company. We decided to hire a Bouncy castle for a birthday party. The first step was to find a company that delivered to our area. We googled ‘Bouncy Castle Hire Company Near Me’ and had a list of companies to choose from. Naturally, we picked the top company that had 5-star google reviews. We were a bit apprehensive as this was our first time hiring a castle, the reviews gave us confidence so we proceeded to the company website.  

The website looked good, we found the perfect bouncy castle and contacted the company to make our booking. As we had now found a bouncy castle to hire we committed to hiring a venue and began organising the party.

At this stage, everyone in the family was excited. Especially the children as the big day was just around the corner. The children even started to ask, ‘Is the party today?’.

The day had come and we all arrived at the venue early to set up. We were also planning on meeting the company supplying the bouncy castle. I received a text message which read ‘I’m sorry I can’t make it, my vans broke down.’ I stood there in shock knowing that I was being lied to. I offered to hire a van and come to meet the driver but of course, this was not an option for them. At this point guests began to arrive with their children, to find no bouncy castle.

The party was due to start in an hour, letting the children down was not an option. We contacted all the local hire companies and found they could not assist at such short notice. We were left with one option, which was to buy a bouncy castle for the party. Fortunately, we located a bouncy castle for sale close to the venue. Thankfully the party was saved and the kids had a great time, but what an experience.

This experience left me thinking ‘how many other people have been let down by bouncy castle companies at the very last minute?’ It was on the back of this experience Last Minute Bouncy Castles was formed and guess what? Our first booking was on the back of a let-down customer.

If you are looking for a reliable bouncy castle hire company, you have come to the right place.

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