Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keeping the children entertained at home

It’s been an incredibly challenging time for everyone during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many parents have been looking for ideas and ways to keep their children entertained and let’s not forget birthdays and other celebrations! However thinking of ‘how to keep the children entertained?’ in a safe way makes things a lot more tricky, especially […]

What size bouncy castle do I need?

WHAT IS THE SIZE OF A STANDARD BOUNCY CASTLE? The most common size for a bouncy castle is 12ft x 12ft. However, this measurement only takes into consideration the size of the inflatables bed.  It does not take into consideration the area surrounding it. Additional space is required for the blower (Fan), mats, impact area […]

Searching ‘Bouncy castle hire near me’ isn’t enough

‘Bouncy castle hire near me’ is the most commonly searched term online by customers looking to book a bouncy castle for their event. A close second search is ‘cheap bouncy castle hire near me’. In this blog post, we give insight into what to look for when searching for a suitable bouncy castle hire company […]

Adult bouncy castle hire

Adult bouncy castle hire There is a difference between an Adult bouncy castle and a child’s bouncy castle.  Fundamentally adult castles are designed to cope with the height and weight of an adult. The manufacturing company achieves this by using a heavier cloth, they also make deeper reinforced beds.  To withstand the weight, force and […]

Indoor Bouncy Castle Hire VS Outdoor Bouncy Castle Hire

Indoor bouncy castle hire vs Outdoor bouncy castle hire Spoiler alert! There is no difference between an ‘indoor’ bouncy castle and an ‘outdoor’ bouncy castle. However, we have written this blog to give you an insight into the differences between an indoor and outdoor booking. Indoor bouncy castle hire There are many benefits of hiring […]

Why hire a bouncy castle for your party?

Hiring a bouncy castle for an event is a great idea! Here’s why you should hire a bouncy castle for your party: The kids’ perspective Imagine the excitement of meeting with your friends for a party. You arrive in a car park and are sat patiently waiting for Mum or Dad to park the car. […]