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In general, it would depend on a number of factors. However, we have detailed the total space required for each bouncy castle in the information section on the products page.  Space must be clear from any obstructions, including low overhanging trees.

At this time, we deliver to Hertfordshire and North London. For more information, click here: areas we cover

Yes, we have a selection of indoor soft play equipment, including our amazing Playzone, ball ponds, and Unicorn blocks.

Unfortunately, we cannot do much about the weather.  As a result, we can only operate inflatables if it’s not raining or too windy.  Consequently, we must consider wind speed as it can be a massive risk to our equipment and, more importantly, a risk to life.  As a father, I’d never risk a customer’s life, especially a child.  For that reason, we feel it’s not fair for customers to lose out on any deposits should the weather affect their event, so we offer two options:


Although this has never happened, we’re here to help should you experience an issue like this.  For instance, if the inflatable breaks down or won’t inflate, call us immediately at 0203 909 4333.

Last Minute Bouncy Castles accepts no liability for any accidents, loss or damage when on or using our equipment.  You will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility when the equipment is delivered.  As a result, by signing, you accept full responsibility and liability for all those who use the equipment at the time of hire.

While this is unlikely, you must call us immediately at 0203 9094 333.  On the other hand, If the damage results from your negligence or misuse, you will be liable for the repair or replacement cost.

If you are running late, contact us on 0203 909 4333 as soon as possible. Occasionally, we can help.  For example, if we can reschedule the collection time, we will do this for you.  We want our customers to have a good time; however, we will let you know if our schedule doesn’t permit this option.

Fortunately, this has never happened to us as our customers are amazingly helpful, although we ask that you prepare the children for our arrival.  For example, if you’ve hired a ball pond, we ask that the balls be placed back into the pond.  Another example is, If our Didi car race track is hired, we ask that the cars be free from use.

Surprisingly, most inflatables only require the width of a wheelie bin as we roll them as small as possible.  However, our adult castle would need at least 2 meters in width. As a result, access to the garden through your property is not ideal.  All inflatables are heavy and require a sack barrow to take them to and from their desired locations.

Going through someone’s home is the worst-case scenario for us as we also have to wear our shoes to protect our feet. Consequently, a house with carpets is likely to get dirty, and we can’t accept responsibility for any damages.  Furthermore, if you have side access, we may ask for a photo to ensure no obstructions prevent us from accessing your garden.

Yes, we have a selection of inflatables suitable for most halls. To help you select the right inflatables, we have included the total space required for each product, i.e. our large-themed bouncy castle requires a width of 13ft / Length of 22ft / Height of 11ft. Most venues provide measurements or access to take them. If you want further assistance, providing us with venue measurements will help us advise you on the most suitable equipment and ensure no issues on delivery day. Although you are responsible for providing enough space for the inflatable, we will do all we can to assist.

Yes, we have, but we’re proud to confirm that walking away from a job has only happened once in our entire business time. In that case, we had done our due diligence by establishing with the customer that they had a private rear garden with grass. However, when we arrived, we found that the grass was far from well-maintained and shards of glass were everywhere. Additionally, the extension lead would have had to go over a communal alleyway, which would have been a safety hazard. We don’t expect customers’ grass to be as maintained as a golf course putting green, but we can’t put our inflatables on muddy surfaces, especially ones with glass.

Not only did we walk away to protect our equipment but also the children’s feet.

We aim to be the best inflatable hire company in Hertfordshire and North London. In order to achieve this, we measure ‘best’ by six metrics, one of which is transparency, which is why the prices on our website are the price you pay, and there are zero hidden costs. You can book in advance or at the last minute; we are last-minute specialists.

Our inflatables are always ready to go! As a result, we can reach most customers in the areas we cover within an hour. For example, Mill Hill International School urgently needed us for two consecutive weeks. We received an urgent call from the team asking for a bouncy castle within the hour. On both occasions, we delivered. Check out the reviews here.

Another time was when The Old Albanian Cricket Club needed two bouncy castles for an event. The company they had initially booked with let them down at the last minute. Within the hour, we were there and had set up our large-themed bouncy and adult bouncy castle. Click here to see their review.

We’ve had many last-minute bookings and customers who’ve had a company cancel their booking, so getting inflatable equipment to you ASAP is what we do best.

Our Google reviews are all 100% genuine. In fact, our Instagram account can support each Google review as we take photos of all deliveries. It can look a bit funny seeing no negative reviews, but we are so transparent with our customers and have never let one person down.

We are a family-run business and understand the importance of being reliable. Furthermore, we are always at the end of the phone or email, no matter what day or time. We value each of our customers. Therefore, we will always offer a 5* rated service.

Our years of experience mean that setting up each inflatable takes around 30 minutes and 40/45 minutes to take away, subject to access. Removing the inflatables takes longer because we must clean the equipment before packing it.

We love the pressure of a last-minute booking and always strive to deliver for our customers, so why not test us and see for yourself?  If the inflatable is available and we’re not committed to another job, we can be with you quickly.

The height of a bouncy castle’s sidewalls and bed size determine the height and number of users at any one time. For this reason, not all bouncy castles are the same; they are all designed and manufactured differently and come in many shapes and sizes. Having the user guide information is vital as it would become a safety concern if a bouncy castle is under too much strain. This is why we have detailed the total number of users on each inflatable, and you will find this information when you’re on our product page. Also, it’s written on the side of our castles from when they were PIPA tested.

Each inflatable has around 6 anchor points. In order to pin the inflatable down safely, we use ground stakes on each anchor point. Under manufacturer guidance, our delivery experts must be able to anchor the inflatable down using each anchor point. Each anchor point has to be anchored down because each anchor point has the equivalent of 163 kg of weight, keeping the inflatable safely in place.

To use ground stakes, the anchor points of the inflatable must be on grass. Should this not be the case, we will have no choice but to walk away, as operating won’t be safe. The deposit paid is non-refundable and is down to the person making the booking to ensure adequate space before booking.

All inflatables must be on grass if it’s an outdoor booking.  This is because the inflatable must be anchored down using ground stakes, making it safe to operate.  The only time lawn isn’t necessary is when the inflatable is booked for use inside a hall.  This is because wind isn’t a factor, and we will bring sandbags for each anchor point.
A patio that runs down your garden is only a problem if raised. To explain, a raised patio will create a pinch point. Consequently, the patio needs to be flush with the grass so that it won’t be a risk to the equipment. Another consideration is whether the patio prevents us from anchoring the castle down. For example, If the patio does prevent us from anchoring the castle down, we won’t be able to install the inflatable equipment.  Finally, if in doubt, email us pictures before booking: bookings@lastminutebouncycastles.com. We’re always happy to help.
Our inflatable hire experts will require access to a plug socket because the equipment must always have power. If your power source is over 50 meters away, please inform us at this point, as we’d need to plan for it. If the main socket is located within 50 meters, we will use an extension lead that we carry on board. Furthermore, extension leads must be plugged directly into the primary power source for safety reasons.
Our company does not deliver to parks at this point.

At the present time, we do not deliver inflatables for use in communal areas. To explain, it’s too high a risk for our business. For example, a plug cable we’ve installed could become a trip hazard for someone using the communal area. If anyone using the communal space is injured due to our equipment, our business could be liable, and we don’t want to take that risk.

Adults can use inflatables designed specifically for adult usage, such as our fantastic adult castle (https://lastminutebouncycastles.com/product/large-inflatable-castle/).  The majority of our inflatables are for children. As a result, adults can only supervise.

When we receive calls like this, we will always ask why the company came and left. Often, it’s due to safety reasons or access.  If that’s the case, we will most likely have the same conclusion: if they’re not prepared to risk life, we certainly won’t be.

When a company puts you and your family’s safety first should be thanked, and alternative plans should be considered.  We have found by and large that the met office is a reliable weather guide.  On the days leading to a booking, we monitor the Met Office site, looking at the chance of rain, wind speed and most importantly, the wind gust speed.  Unfortunately, anything above 24mph makes operating an inflatable highly dangerous.  We will never take a risk, and nor should you.