Interactive Purple and Blue Mini Playzone


Free Delivery – Set Up & collection

Total space required: Width 18.4ft / Length 15.1ft / Height 6.7ft



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Please Pick a Date

Pay a deposit of £50.00 per item
  • Schools
  • Privately hired halls
  • Private residential properties with a secure lawned garden that has no obstructions
  • Any areas we deem unsafe or insecure
  • Front gardens
  • Open communal gardens
  • Paved gardens (Hardstanding or artificial grass)
  • Street parties

Playzones should not be operated in extreme weather conditions, which is why there is no cancellation fee in the event of bad weather at Last Minute Bouncy Castles. We cannot operate our inflatables in high winds (24mph or above) and or rain. If the weather does hinder a booking, we will offer a full refund or an opportunity to reschedule your booking, subject to availability.

Let us introduce you to our amazing interactive purple and blue mini playzone that offers a safe space for children to enjoy the ball pond, slide, a mini “under pressure” game and a bouncy castle. What more could a young child want? Our interactive playzone is neutral purple and blue, perfect for both boys and girls. This inflatable is great for children’s parties in most indoor halls and private residential rear gardens, providing the grounds are level. Combined with soft play, it can (and does) keep the little ones entertained for hours!

Last-minute bouncy castles have learned through experience that a favourite type of inflatable for any celebration is an interactive inflatable. Children can use all their senses to explore these superb interactive inflatables by balancing the floating balls, bouncing and much more. Parents can also enjoy their children playing in one safe space. Our official Didi cars are often booked alongside the interactive playzone.

Given that this Interactive Playzone is suitable for children under 5, we recommend that parents supervise their children at all times, taking turns in all the play zones. We’d recommend a maximum of 2 at a time on the bouncy castle to prevent accidents or stress for the children.

Maximum height of the users:

1.0 metre tall, eight users

We deliver to Hertfordshire and North London. If you’re located just outside these areas, please get in touch with us; we can help. You can make a booking in advance or at the very last minute.

This interactive playzone is ideal for the following locations:

  • Private spaces
  • Indoor Halls
  • Schools

The Interactive Playzone can be inflated on the following surfaces:

  • Outdoors on Grass
  • Indoors on most indoor surfaces

We do not install inflatables on the following surfaces:

  • Artificial grass
  • Paving

Most inflatables have six anchor points. We use ground stakes on grass, which offer approximately 163kg of load per anchor point, totalling around 978kg. This prevents the inflatable from blowing away should there be a sudden gust of wind. For this reason, it is not safe or feasible for us to take bookings of this nature.

We cannot install any of our inflatables on rough, jagged surfaces, nor can we install them on uneven surfaces.

This playzone requires 2.5 meters in width, and you must inform us if there are any obstructions. When booking your event, we will ask what surface you wish the inflatable placed on to determine whether we bring our weighted sandbags or ground anchors. The inflatables require an electrical source, so we get an all-weather extension lead. You must ensure that the power socket is within the range of the extension leads. Our delivery drivers carry extension leads between 20 – 50 meters in length.

We will collect the equipment at the agreed time selected for your booking. We kindly request the kit be free from use upon collection. The collection should be completed within 40 minutes, depending on access and how much equipment was hired. For example, if there are two inflatables, please allow 80 minutes of collection time.

Interactive Purple and Blue Mini Playzone
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