adult bouncy castle

Adult bouncy castle hire

There is a difference between an Adult bouncy castle and a child’s bouncy castle.  Fundamentally adult castles are designed to cope with the height and weight of an adult. The manufacturing company achieves this by using a heavier cloth, they also make deeper reinforced beds.  To withstand the weight, force and pressure of an adult the cloth bed is stitched six times. The sidewalls of the bouncy castle also have a part to play in the status of the castle.

Bouncy Castle height restrictions

If you have visited a theme park, you may be familiar with seeing height restrictions for some rides.  Interestingly it’s the height of the sidewalls which govern the height of the users able to bounce on the equipment.  It’ is common for people to assume the size of the castle is what determines who the castle is suitable for.  For example, if a bouncy castle is 20 in width, 20 foot in length but the side walls are only 4 foot then it wouldn’t suit anyone over a certain height.  If the castle is 15 foot in length, 10 foot in width but the side walls are 8 foot then most people could use it.  The total number of users would be detailed by the manufacturer or by a PIPA tester.  (If the castles been PIPA tested this information can be found online using the tag number found on the pipa tag)   A manufacturer’s size guide is commonly stitched to the side or front of the bouncy castle. Usually, it will have information such as – 1.5 meter tall = 5 users – 1 meter tall = 6 users and so on.

Hiring an adult bouncy castle

An adult bouncy castle is more than likely going to be a lot bigger than one suitable for children.  The adult castle will certainly be a lot taller requiring a lot more space.  Make sure that the space allocated for the castle has no overhead obstructions such as overhanging trees and washing lines.  When packed and rolled up the adult bouncy castle requires 3 foot to pass through, shown in the image below:

Adult bouncy castle space required

For this reason, passing through a house is not an option.  Access to the garden/location should be direct with no obstructions.  The castles can weigh more than 200 kgs.  Meaning that lifting them up and over obstructions like a gate are near impossible.