Indoor bouncy castle hire vs Outdoor bouncy castle hire

Spoiler alert! There is no difference between an ‘indoor’ bouncy castle and an ‘outdoor’ bouncy castle. However, we have written this blog to give you an insight into the differences between an indoor and outdoor booking.

Indoor bouncy castle hire

Indoor bouncy castle hire

There are many benefits of hiring inflatable equipment for indoor use, above all it’s weatherproof. A bouncy castle can not be used in the rain or if the wind is above 24 mph. Therefore booking a hall guarantees that the event will go ahead whatever the weather. It is common for the owner of the hall to request a copy of the inflatable hire companies Public liability insurance. The reason for this is because the equipment will be in a space open to the public. The owner of the hall should be able to provide you with the dimensions of the site. Having this information will enable you to find a suitable bouncy castle or soft play inflatables.

The inflatable equipment will require:

  • Heavy-duty sandbags which will be attached to the anchor points of the inflatables to ensure they are securely anchored down.
  • A source of power will be required for the blowers, the number of plug sockets required will depend on how much equipment has been hired.

One important thing to consider when planning would be the positioning of the equipment as fire exits must not be blocked.

To summarise booking a bouncy castle for indoor use is a great way to keep the children entertained and all in one space.  Once you’ve established what space is available all you need to do is pick a bouncy castle and leave the rest to us.

Outdoor bouncy castle hire

outdoor bouncy castle hire

As previously mentioned weather could hinder an outdoor booking.  However, there are many benefits to having a party outdoors.

Common locations for outdoor bookings include:

  1. Private residential garden
  2. Secure and privately owned land
  3. Communal garden (With owners consent or managements consent)
  4. Farms providing entertainment for visitors
  5. Beer Gardens and many more locations

We only cater for outdoor bookings that are on grass. The reason for this is because of the way a castle needs to be anchored down.  Most castles have six anchor points, we use ground stakes to anchor the castle to the ground.  Each ground stake provides approximately 163kgs of load keeping the castle secure should there be any sudden gusts of wind.  It is simply not feasible to deliver 36 sandbags which is why we only cater for outdoor grass bookings.

Benefits of booking outdoors:

  • More space
  • Fresh air
  • Sunlight
  • Fresh summer breeze

Additional considerations

Subject to the surface and power source location, bouncy castles can be positioned anywhere you wish.  Before booking a bouncy castle, it is best practice to have the measurements of the available space. The hiring company will be able to confirm which castle is suitable for your booking based on this information.  In our online store, you will find the ‘total space required’ which includes 1ft of space each side of the bouncy castles.  We’ve also written a blog regarding finding a suitable inflatable company.  The additional things to consider for an outdoor booking are:

  • Access to the location (side gate – through the house)
  • The surface that the caste will be positioned on (grass or concrete)
  • A level surface
  • Power source for the equipment
  • Overhanging trees or any obstructions
  • Parking for delivery

One concern customers may have is the size of the bouncy castles and getting them into a garden or hall.  The castles can be packed small enough to fit through a standard size door frame.  As a result, if you have a big enough garden/hall with access we can provide you with a bouncy castle.

bouncy castle through door

To summarise other than weather and how the castle is anchored to the floor, there is no difference between an indoor or outdoor booking. Having a range of bouncy castles enables hire companies to cater for most indoor and outdoor events.

We hope that this blog post has given a little bit of insight into hiring a bouncy castle. 

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