The most common size for a bouncy castle is 12ft x 12ft. However, this measurement only takes into consideration the size of the inflatables bed.  It does not take into consideration the area surrounding it. Additional space is required for the blower (Fan), mats, impact area and pegs.

If you’re hiring for first-time it can be somewhat unclear and confusing.  Especially when booking a 12ft x 12ft castle and finding that it may not fit the allocated space.

As a rough guide, a 12ft x 12ft inflatable will need 20ft x 24ft clear space.

For slides and combi castles, the required space will be larger. If you’re not sure, always contact your hirer.

Finding a company with a range of bouncy castles

We have been deliberate in our selection of bouncy castles enabling us to cater for most households.  Last Minute Bouncy castles offer a range of different sized bouncy castles. Each of our castles descriptions include the total space required.  This measurement also includes the 1 ft on each side of the castles.  The one measurement you need to do is allow for is space for a mat if you wish to add that to your booking.

Booking a bouncy castle

We will often go through a checklist when taking bookings to make sure there are no issues on the selected date.
We ask questions such as:

  • How do you access your garden?
  • If there is an alleyway, is it clear?
  • Is your garden grass as we do not cater for patio or AstroTurf?
  • Do you have any pets?

Ultimately we need to figure out if the bouncy castle will fit and if any issues are getting the equipment into and out of your property.  Fortunately because of our due diligence we’ve not once had to cancel or walk away from booking.  We are happy to visit your property before booking if there is any uncertainty as we’d rather be safer than sorry.

If you’d like to enquire about a booking call us on 0203 9094333 or email us bookings@lastminutebouncycastles.com