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Looking to hire a bouncy castle for your party? Don’t forget to add floor mats to your order.

If you’re looking to hire a bouncy castle for your party, don’t forget to add floor mats to your order. Mats offer a form of protection when children are coming off the inflatables. They also provide a space for children to leave their footwear before getting onto the inflatable. Most surfaces the inflatables are on tend to be hard for example lawn, concrete or wooden flooring. If a child losses their feet the mat will offer a soft cushion-like landing, potentially protecting the child from more serious injury.

What areas do we deliver bouncy castles to?

The  Areas we cover are Hertfordshire and North London

Surfaces that require floor mats:

Our inflatables tend to be hired for the following locations:

  • Private Gardens
  • Private spaces
  • Indoor Halls

Bouncy Castles and Soft play equipment can be inflated on the following surfaces:

  • Outdoors on Grass
  • Outdoors on Artificial lawn
  • Indoors on most indoor surfaces

We highly recommend a floor mat is used on all of the above surfaces. We will not be able to install any of our inflatables on rough jagged surfaces nor can we install on uneven surfaces.

What access is required to hire a bouncy castle?

This bouncy castle requires 3 meters in width however, you will need to inform us if there are any obstructions. When booking your event we will ask what surface you wish for the castle to be placed on. This will determine whether we bring our weighted sandbags or ground anchors. The castles all require an electrical source, which is why we bring an all-weather extension lead. You will need to ensure that the power socket is within the range of the extension leads. Our delivery drivers carry extension leads between 20 – 50 meters in length.

Do you collect the equipment?

We will collect the equipment at the agreed time selected for your booking. We kindly request the equipment is free from use upon collection. The collection should be completed within 30 minutes depending on access and how much equipment was hired. For example, if there are two bouncy castles please allow for 45 minutes of collection time.

£10.00 Book Now